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Specification of AVOCADO OIL

Avocado oil is an edible oil pressed from the fruit of the Persea americana ( avocado ). As a food oil, it is used as an ingredient in other dishes, and as a cooking oil. It is also used for lubrication and in cosmetics, where it is valued for its supposed regenerative and moisturizing properties.
Avocado oil is pressed from the fruit pulp rather than the seeds. With a ratio of certain fats , extra virgin avocado oil has a high smoke point of 400 ° F (204 ° C). This makes it extremely easy to adapt in the kitchen for cooking stir-fries, cakes, and salads.
Avocado oil has a mild odor, tender texture and rich, lingering flavor was good naturally. Avocado oil has a delicate fragrance, this could be one of the favorites for fish oil, grilled vegetables and many salad recipes.
Due to a high smoke point, you can use avocado oil in cooking spices and finish the sauce. This oil has a neutral flavor and high monounsaturated oils made into perfect.
Because of the higher smoke point, you can use avocado oil in cooking marinades as well as finishing sauces. I know people who avoid all dairy and use this oil in lieu of butter (or even ghee) for most of their cooking. Oh, and I’ve also heard the mild, neutral taste and high monounsaturated profile make it the perfect oil.

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